There will be a Celebration Assembly on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at 3:00pm not a Family as stated in the newsletter.
Welcome to Thelwall Community Junior School



Thelwall Junior School has a deeply caring and totally committed staff who take pride in perpetuating the best values associated with education.  We are an inclusive school and welcome pupils irrespective of race, religion or cultural beliefs. We are very conscious that each child goes through the junior stage of schooling only once and so we aim to ensure that every pupil works to the full extent of his or her mental and physical ability whilst attending this school.  We believe that the full potential of each pupil is best realised by working within a well disciplined and clearly structured framework and in a calm, happy atmosphere free from distraction or stress.

The school aims to promote an atmosphere of enjoyment, security and confidence within which effective learning will take place and children will be helped to become independent, responsible and respectful members of our school and wider communities. We strive to provide pupils with essential skills for life, such as communication, enquiry and problem solving, creative thinking, working with others, empathy and social skills.

We pride ourselves on our pupils’ academic achievements. Most pupils make good progress throughout the school and over the last five years, the performance of Year 6 pupils in national tests has been above average. We are also proud of our reputation for providing a wide range of extra curricular activities involving creative and sporting  experiences. We want our pupils to participate in a rich and varied school life with excellence, enjoyment and interest.

Every school has its own ethos - that particular quality which, although difficult to define, permeates the corporate life of the school. Staff and Governors firmly believe that ‘Every Child Matters’ and that each child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed whilst being a pupil at this school.

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